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Allentown, Pennsylvania native Nina Boodhansingh, received her BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2010. She is a former Resident Artist at Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA), The Cigar Factory (Allentown, PA), and The Banana Factory (Bethlehem, PA). Nina currently works from her in-home studio in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Inspired by nature, skyscapes, landscapes, microscopic images, and the cosmos, Nina’s paintings represent microcosms and macrocosms based on abstract elements of the world. The surface of her work has a tangible texture built with paint, various gel mediums, sand, and gold leaf. Modeling layers, dimensions, and illusions of space in the painting, the finished pieces suggest worlds that are familiar, yet distant. These worlds may include intricate drawings of pod-like structures, (generally seen in her jewelry), that can move fluidly throughout, or be alienated from the surrounding environment. Evoking a dream-like quality, there is a mood of calmness in each piece.